Slip & Fall

You may be entitled to compensation if you are injured while on someone else’s property.

At times, an individual may sustain personal injury while on another’s premises. This may result from the condition of the property, the maintenance or upkeep of the property, or even persons or animals who occupy the premises. If a claimant has been hurt while on the property of another and seeks representation, he or she is encouraged to contact Khatibi Law so we can discuss your options.

The responsibility of the owner of the property, or the entity which may possess the property, depends upon the standard of care owed to the injured individual. The standard of care, in turn, depends on the injured individual’s status on the premises.

For example, the hurt individual may be an invitee who is permitted to be on the property, relating to the interest of the owner or occupant of the property. Another example may involve an injured individual who is on the premises as a guest of the owner or occupant. The status of the harmed individual may also be classified as that of a trespasser.

Since each case is unique on its own facts, it is important to discuss a personal injury claim or property damage claim with a knowledgeable attorney. Khatibi Law offers 100% free consultations to slip and fall victims, as well as other victims injured on someone else’s property.